Students of MI: Neal

“My parents supported me whether or not I went to college, but it was something that I knew I wanted to do. I expected college to be very formal, but instead the teachers teach their classes how they want to, and it creates a welcoming space. When I came to University of Michigan-Flint, I knew the school really wanted to help me.

Last semester, I was offered a full-tuition scholarship. To receive the scholarship, I had to choose between UM-Flint and another school. UM-Flint had the biology program I wanted, and after evaluating my options, I knew UM-Flint was the right choice for me.

Part of what drew me to UM-Flint was the undergraduate research opportunity program, which gives students a chance to do research early. I’m also in the honors program, which improves your chances to gain opportunities and skills that you wouldn’t normally get.

My advice for freshmen entering college is that you don’t have to know what you are going into. Just start, try out different classes and see what actually interests you. If you’re worried about the cost, there are a lot of scholarships and financial aid available.”

(Neal, Biology, University of Michigan-Flint)



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