Bachelor’s degrees come with job security

What’s the best way to get to a career where you can make a difference in the world, do work you love for many years, and be well compensated?

Chances are there is more than one path to your desired career, but for many students, getting a degree is the most secure route. Here’s why:

Jobs that only require a high school diploma are on the decline.

A generation ago, it was common for high school graduates to get a good paying factory or manufacturing job and “climb the ladder” without additional education. Today, those kinds of jobs are on the decline in the U.S.

Jobs that require a bachelor’s degree are on the rise.

Employers are increasingly hiring applicants with a bachelor’s degree. According to state labor market estimates, Michigan employers will need to hire 700,000 new workers with a degree or certificate by 2030. A whopping 71% of those jobs will go to those with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

With a degree, you’re less likely to face unemployment.

A bachelor’s degree helps you get a job and helps you keep a job. That’s because employers want to hire individuals with a degree and are less likely to lay off a college-educated employee during economic hardship. In fact, the unemployment rate in Michigan in 2017 was only 2.4% for bachelor’s degree holders, but 7.1% for people with a high school diploma.



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