University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Located in Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan is home to students from all 50 states and 128 countries. U-M’s 19 schools and colleges offer 260+ degree programs in everything from Aerospace Engineering to Women’s Studies. Michigan’s mission—to “serve the people of Michigan and the world through…communicating, preserving, and applying knowledge”—helped it earn the No. 1 U.S. public university ranking in 2019.

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Estrella, History
“The first time I stepped on campus at the University of Michigan, I looked around and everyone was wearing maize and blue even though it wasn’t a game day. Everyone was so passionate and vibrant. Everyone at U-M genuinely likes being here. Some people are here because they love football, but there’s always something that makes each student proud to be a Wolverine.” 

Heriberto, Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience
“My favorite thing about University of Michigan is the student life on campus. It’s always nice to go the Big House and watch football games. I also like our school spirit and the traditions we have here at U-M, like protecting the Block M. Every year, people stay overnight to protect it the day before the football game against Michigan State. And there’s always something going on on the Diag as well, like therapy dogs or people playing instruments”

Jess, Bioinformatics, Ph.D.
“One of the reasons why I came to University of Michigan was the interdisciplinary nature of everyone working together. I had never seen a university where different departments actually intermingled and worked with each other. Other schools say they are interdisciplinary, but I had never actually seen that in practice until I came to U-M.”

Jiten, Economics
“I didn’t know where I wanted to go for college at first. I did some research on University of Michigan. The campus looked beautiful and it looked like a good school, so I applied and then I visited. Another reason why I decided to attend U-M was the family feel here. The school spirit tipped me over the edge.” 

Lisa, International Relations
“The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM) does a great job of creating a positive environment for minority students here and making them feel welcome. They have a program for U-M students with underrepresented identities or students of color. They make you feel like your place on campus is valuable and give us access to alumni or different organizations and information that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to.” 


Megan, Sociology and Spanish
“I thought I’d be a lot more scared leaving home for college, but as soon as I got to University of Michigan I was fine, and I wasn’t homesick at all. When I came in for my freshman year, I met so many cool people here. I surprised myself because I’m usually shy, so it was really good for me to get away from home and come to UM-Ann Arbor to be more independent.” 



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