Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University

Located in Marquette, Northern Michigan University has established itself due to its award-winning leadership programs, cutting-edge technology and nationally recognized academic programs. NMU offers more than 170 degree programs to its students and features more than 50 facilities, including the Superior Dome, the world’s largest wooden dome. NMU’s aim is to create an environment that fosters strong minds and bodies, inspires innovation and inclusion through community engagement, and creates future leaders.

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Charlie, English
“I chose Northern Michigan University because of how strong the English department is and how wonderful the faculty are. During my time here I’ve really come to realize how fortunate I am to have all of the professors I’ve had, and all of the graduate assistants who have guided me in the right direction to become a professional writer. I feel like I made the right decision coming here.” 

Haley, Public Relations
“Northern Michigan University is a great place and the people here are really kind, but the location and where it’s based at is probably my favorite part about attending NMU. We are close to Lake Superior, and students can go there if they’re ever feeling stressed, or just to look at the waves or go on a hike, and it’s around five minutes from campus. There are a lot of good places to relax at or near NMU, which is especially helpful for college students.” 

Megan, Photography and Corporate Finance
“I was pleasantly surprised by the small school vibe at Northern Michigan University. All the professors know us by name and they really care about our development. One of my favorite things about NMU is the community. I love the campus and have met a lot of people through intermural sports. I also love living in Marquette. The location makes it easy for me to go explore and capture the beauty this area has to offer.”

Ravyn, Social Work
“Both my professional and social experiences have flourished at Northern Michigan University. The small town feel at Northern has changed my life immensely. When I came to NMU, I had no idea what was in store for me. This school has given me a million opportunities to grow as a future social worker. NMU is my home away from home. I have built relationships with others that will continue to strengthen after graduation. I am thankful for Northern Michigan University.”

Sarah, Public Relations
“I love the sports culture here at Northern Michigan, It’s super fun and upbeat. The football games against Grand Valley State University and Michigan Tech University are always exciting. There’s lots of comradery amongst fans, nobody ever gets up in arms. We all just have a good time.”



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