Students of MI: Sara

“When I arrived at Lake Superior State University, I didn’t really have any clue what I was going to do, so I figured I would take a bunch of classes in a bunch of different areas. I took an abnormal psychology class and realized I found the major that was perfect for me.

I didn’t finish high school, so I never really thought college would be an option, but I was encouraged to apply anyways. I got accepted based on my ACT score and on the contingent that I got my GED. Once I did that, I got in.

I really struggled in high school. My first year at LSSU I struggled too, but once I found what I wanted to do, things got so much easier. I loved psychology so much that I wanted to learn more, and I wanted to do well too. One of the most rewarding experiences I had in college was getting my first A in a class. I hadn’t gotten an A since elementary school, so achieving that goal was awesome.

Now I am looking into graduate school. Originally, I never thought I’d be able to go to graduate school but getting a confirmation from my professor—that grad school is something he sees for me and something he thinks that I would excel at—really made a difference.

Psychology has really helped me to better understand myself and people around me. I plan on going into clinical psychology, because I think I will be able to help people through the same kind of things I went through.

It’s always an option to go to college and kind of re-create yourself. Your past doesn’t have to define what you do in the future. And you can have a fresh start at any time.”

(Sara, Abnormal Psychology, Lake Superior State University)



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