Students of MI: Sami

“If you’re unsure about what you want to study, don’t let that stop you from furthering your education. I came in undecided, and it actually put me ahead of other students. I was taking classes that I was actually interested in. It gave me an idea of what I liked and what I could do later on.

I visited Lake Superior State University in high school on a visit during a trip to the Tahquamenon Falls. I ended up taking a tour of the campus and some of the labs with a professor. I wasn’t even interested in the school at the time, but the fact that he took the time out of his day to show us around made a really big impression.

LSSU has an affordable tuition rate for students. I also received a merit-based scholarship to help me pay for school, and there are other scholarships you can apply for as well. Those financial reasons really helped me decide to come to school here.

It’s really easy to meet people and get involved at LSSU. Just in the first few weeks, you can make hundreds of new friends. The class sizes are really small, and you end up becoming friends with people that aren’t even in your major.

I’m involved with a lot of programs here on campus as well. I am the vice president of my sorority, and also work on campus in the admissions office. Outside of those organizations, I’m in a few psychology clubs.

I’ve also done a few different case competitions as part of a business program I volunteered to take part in. Last year we got to go to Canada and team up with some of their universities to come up with business solutions. We presented them to local CEOs and got to network with them afterwards.

Getting to know your professors is another thing that is really easy to do at LSSU. I can walk into their offices at any time and they genuinely care what I have to say. My academic advisor that helps me choose my classes is also my professor.”

(Sami, Business Management and Psychology, Lake Superior State University)



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