Students of MI: Sam

“If I had to give the incoming Freshman a piece of advice, I’d tell them that it’s okay to not know everything in the beginning. Whether you don’t know where you want to go, what you want to do, or anything in-between, it’s okay to be a little scared. Once you get to school, just try a lot of things that you’re interested in. Take your passions and see how they translate to opportunities in college and you’ll find your way.

The thing I like the most about Western Michigan University is the people. I think the individuals you surround yourself with are the ones who will challenge you. They’re the difference makers who create an experience-driven, learning culture that I’m super passionate about.

WMU gives so many different opportunities to join student organizations and clubs. I’ve had the opportunity to compete with the WMU track team, intramural sports, joined 6 different clubs, Western’s homecoming court, traveled to four different countries and five states, and participated in many volunteer efforts. One of my favorite organizations is the Food Marketing Association for the College of Business, where I’m serving as the President. I’m also heavily involved with Fall Welcome, a transition program for incoming freshman.

The staff at WMU are very supportive and caring. One professor in particular really challenged me to push myself. He would tell me that I was excelling in one area but could dive deeper into another. I ended up going on a study abroad with his class to Germany. It was my first time being out of the country, and I’m so happy that I had the chance to get out of my comfort zone.

I’ve had three internships in my time at WMU as well. The first opportunity I had was a marketing internship at a local fresh food market. The other two internships were in Chicago, and WMU was able to assist me in getting both of these positions.

When it comes to affording college, I received some financial aid from various WMU academic scholarships. College is an investment that I’m confident will pay off in the future. Seeing students who have graduated before me come back and speak about their experiences gives me even more confidence in my decision. Western has truly been my ‘home away from home.’ I have enjoyed every part of my journey, and you will too.”

(Sam, Food Marketing and Consumer Packaged Goods & Business Leadership Strategy, Western Michigan University)



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