Students of MI: Ryan

“At Wayne State, there’s an office at the library called the Academic Success Center. Inside this center, there are different advisors and skills coaches, along with a program called Warrior VIP that especially helps freshmen.

In the Warrior VIP program, each freshman gets a mentor who gives you help and feedback to decide what classes to take and how to excel in school. I am a freshman with a sophomore mentor, who is also pre-med, and she’s helped me a lot with my transition to college. Having a mentor with the same major and same track as me is beyond helpful.

If I had any advice for incoming freshmen, it would be that it’s okay to not know what to do yet. Take different classes and make sure to keep studying. I didn’t do very well on my first biology test, but you learn as you go. I’m doing great on tests now, but it’s something you learn over time.

My favorite thing about Wayne State is the people. Plus, being in the heart of Detroit and Midtown is great, and there’s always exciting things going on. I especially love the friends I’ve made here. I came into Wayne through a research program, and I stayed the summer before college started. I was able to make friends through the cohort in my program, and then made friends through their friends, creating a lot of connections early on.

During the scholarship process, I completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). My family did not receive enough money to cover the entire cost of college, so I also applied for many scholarships. The research program I completed before school paid for my tuition, and I applied to nearly 30 outside scholarships, which now cover my entire housing costs.

I can’t wait to take advantage of pre-med and research opportunities in my years to come at Wayne. The school introduces us to actual medical students that will talk to us about how to be successful and provide an additional mentor system for us. All of this, along with student organizations and clubs, offer so many opportunities for students to get involved or volunteer.”

(Ryan, Public Health, Wayne State University)



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