Students of MI: Mariah

“Coming to Oakland University has been an amazing experience. College is a great stepping-stone from being dependent on your parents to being completely independent, and Oakland puts a large emphasis on having us do things on our own.

Since I’ve been at OU, I’ve been able to meet so many new people with different perspectives than me. I come from a community that is not very diverse, so I’ve loved getting to experience other cultures.

I am currently studying to become a nurse. There are only 100 students who get admitted into Oakland University’s nursing program per semester. Once you’re in, you stay with those same people all the way through college. Through my nursing classes and living on campus, I found friends that will stay for the rest of my life. All the faculty I’ve met with are very personable as well. They really want to know your name, what you’re about, where you’re from, and what you need help with.

One club that I was a part of was OU’s Student Nurses Association. They’re always putting on career fairs and networking events to try to get our careers started. The Office of Career Services also provides practice interviews. They help us know what to wear and how to conduct yourself. I had never done an interview before, but through my job as an Orientation Assistant, I was able to sit in on other people’s interviews and learn what employers are looking for.

To anyone who is unsure whether or not to attend college, I would emphasize from my experience that college has so much to offer both in and out of the classroom. It will teach you important life skills that you will take with you for the rest of your life. Even small things like how to maintain a budget and finetuning my work/school/social balance are things that I gained by coming to OU.”

(Mariah, Nursing, Oakland University)



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