Students of MI: Kaitlyn

“Coming from a small high school where I graduated with 80 people, I wanted that small town personal feel, and I also wanted my school to be somewhere where I could get one on one attention from professors, so I chose Lake Superior State University.

When I found out I was accepted into the nursing program, I was actually driving up to school. One of my best friends also applied, so I called her to see if she got into the program, and we both got in. We started screaming – it was pure joy because it really is the start of something new, and the start of your career when you get accepted into the program.

There were times where I thought, “I’m going to drop out, I can’t do this anymore.” Looking back on it now, I’m so happy I didn’t drop out. One of the biggest things that motivated me was my academic advisor, Professor Jaimee Gerrie. She was actually the instructor for my difficult nursing class, and once she mentioned that if nursing were easy, then everyone would be a nurse. When you hold people’s lives in our hands every day, and her mentioning that, it showed me nursing is something special, and that it’s not for everybody. But, if you can sit and work it out, and take one thing at a time, you’ll make it through.”

(Kaitlyn, Lake Superior State University)



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