Students of MI: Joe

“I always wanted to go to college. I’ve always had a passion for learning, so I just realized I have to leverage this learning opportunity and do something.

Originally my major was public relations, and then I started looking at things going on in the world that a lot of young people don’t tend to focus on because we feel like it’s not our issue, and we’re too young to do anything. I changed my major to political science as I saw issues within my city and community. I want to understand policy and how it affects people who don’t usually engage with the process.

I’m learning that I do have a voice, and what I say does matter. For a long time, I thought, I’m just a college student and it doesn’t matter what I say. Once I started speaking out, and sharing my opinion, people started to listen. It felt like that encouraged me, like I have something to offer. Why not share it with everybody? Through Eastern Michigan University, I’ve been connected to opportunities with AmeriCorps in Flint Community Schools, Flint Charter Review ballot proposal committee and recently the department head of Political Science steered me into the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

Even when you’re going through situations like family issues, you still have to deal and go through college, because I’ve been through a lot – and the process of continuing college was hard for me. At the same time, you have to realize it needs to be done.”

(Joe, Eastern Michigan University)



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