Students of MI: Jalen

“My parents didn’t finish college, but they instilled in me the need to get a degree. I decided to come to University of Michigan-Dearborn because of their scholarship programs. The scholarships were helpful, and the small school size made me feel more at home. You can still get the same spirit as you would at a bigger school, but it feels more personal to me here.

One thing that surprised me about UM-Dearborn is how much everyone really cares. In college, you may be on your own, but you’re not truly alone. There are a lot of resources, especially here on campus. We have success coaches that primarily focus on working with us. They have master’s and even doctorate degrees to help students succeed in an educational environment. All the professors and faculty care to know your name since the school is small enough for them to do so.

On the academic side of school, I’ve learned that only having technical skills in engineering isn’t enough anymore. Everything is changing rapidly, and there’s a need for people who can do more than the surface level requirements. I’m gaining those other necessary skills such as communication and leadership through opportunities on campus. Being the president of my scholarship program and also working for Talent Gateway, which is a professional development program, help shape me into a more rounded professional.

Since coming here, I have become the president of my scholarship program. Being part of this group has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done at UM-Dearborn. We also have an annual alternative spring break program where we send students on a volunteer trip, and I always take part in it. I’m also heading our program for Give Blueday, a University of Michigan-wide event that is essentially a big day for giving. These opportunities have helped me make a name for myself, and I’m so happy with my choice to come here and participate in them.

Coming to college can be scary at first without the background knowledge about it. If I had to give advice, I would say to not be afraid of it, because life is always changing anyway. You’re always stepping into something new. College is an opportunity to explore who you are and what matters the most, alongside like-minded individuals going through the same thing.”

(Jalen, University of Michigan – Dearborn, Electrical Engineering)



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