Students of MI: Eric

“A big reason why I ended up at Oakland University was for the financial support. I could’ve gone to one of the larger schools, but I received several scholarships to come here. At the time, it just made more sense for my family, and home is only a 40-minute drive from school.

I really like the atmosphere at OU. It’s not a huge school. Everything is within close proximity of each other, which makes it really easy to get to all my classes. OU is also a tight knit community. When I walk to class, I’ll usually see five to 10 people I know. As an OU student, I feel like I’m a member of a family, not just another number.

During my time at OU, I’ve been active in around 15 student organizations. I’ve had quite a few leadership roles around campus as well. To me, extracurricular experiences are just as valuable as the things I learn in class. Student organizations have helped me connect with like-minded people, and the skills I’ve gained pointed me towards my passions and what I’m interested in doing.

One thing I’ve worked on a lot in college has been my communication skills. When I came to OU, I had a lot of social anxiety. Being here and pushing myself out of my comfort zone has helped me overcome that. I’ve gained a lot of perspective since coming to college as well. It’s easy to not see the big picture while you’re young. I now feel more aware of the opportunities around me, and I’m determined to take advantage of them after graduating. Had I not gone to college, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful nor as socially aware as I am now.

I didn’t expect college to be for me at first, but I found quickly that it absolutely was. My advice for those looking to try college would be to put yourself out there. Don’t waste any opportunities. If you’re investing a lot into it, you will get more back.”

(Eric, Political Science, Oakland University)



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