Students of MI: Elliot

“In high school, I was in robotics, and Lake Superior State University is a great school for students interested in robotics. Now that I’m here, almost every single class I’ve taken applies directly to what I want to do in the future, and I’ve learned a lot about the industry I will enter after college.

College is a good investment for the future. Peer to peer relationships are another added bonus, especially as you become an upper classman and have smaller classes. This helps you get to know your professors better and allows you to get your footing into a career through their advice, references and career expertise.

Getting involved in different things at LSSU helped me become more comfortable talking to others with different backgrounds and helped build my network on campus. I’m an RA at LSSU, play on an intramural volleyball team, work with Christian ministries on campus, and I’m president for the school’s mascot club. My involvement has given me a large support group and taught me how to handle a lot of responsibility, manage my time effectively and lead a group.

My favorite part at LSSU is hanging out with the friends I’ve made here. The campus also has a lot of opportunities to explore. We visit the falls or Canada, and there’s often free season passes to visit places through the university, so we’ve had a lot of fun experiences together.”

(Elliot, Electrical Engineering, Lake Superior State University)



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