Students of MI: Dellen

“I chose Grand Valley State University because an advisor visited my high school class and spoke about what GVSU had to offer. She talked to me individually and said that my GPA and ACT scores could land me early admittance into the business program. I received positive feedback from family and friends in regard to this program, and therefore decided to continue my education at GVSU.

GVSU is very connected to the Grand Rapids community, which helps students gain connections that propel them toward their future careers. I have found that going to college gives you more opportunities to volunteer and join clubs. These extracurricular activities can help set you apart when looking for internships and full-time positions, while also giving you a chance to give back to the community and get hands on experience. I would not have realized my passion for the field of human resources if I had chosen to enter the workforce right out of high school.

Because I’m a very driven and determined person, I plan on graduating in three and a half years. Finishing my degree early will help cut out a huge chunk of my costs. There are several ways you can eliminate costs to make college more affordable such as: taking summer classes to finish early, buying used textbooks, working part-time, and creating a budget. As a result of doing these things, paying off my loans will be a much easier task following graduation.

Another way to make college more affordable is through scholarships. I applied for local scholarships and ended up receiving the Byron Center Chamber of Commerce Scholarship. I also received an Award for Excellence through GVSU, which helped a lot. Once you are in college, opportunities for financial aid will pop-up. I recently received a Third Year grant, which is something I did not know existed and it helped cover even more of my tuition. I also will be receiving a Grand Finish grant for my last two semesters at Grand Valley. There is definitely more financial support available than you would think going into college.

The biggest piece of advice I would give someone thinking about going to college is to not be intimidated by the total cost of tuition. If you are calculating your tuition expenses for four years, you are probably not accounting for all the unexpected financial aid that can help cover expenses. Apply to as many scholarships as you can, get a part-time job, and create a budget for yourself to help make college more affordable for you. I went in knowing that a college degree would be costly, but at the same time understanding it is an investment in my future which I knew would pay off later.”

(Dellen, Human Resources Management, Grand Valley State University)




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