Students of MI: Dayana

“I applied to multiple universities in addition to Michigan State University. My brother was at Michigan State when I first started, which had a big influence on my decision to come here. I am very family oriented, so I wanted to be close to at least one person I knew.

Being a first-generation student, I really didn’t know what I was going to study or what to expect. I worked for Lear Corporation through a summer program and that convinced me to get a degree in mechanical engineering. It doesn’t feel structured or day-to-day based. There’s something different every day, and it’s really interactive.

I take around 15 credits every semester, so living on campus and being close to my classes is great for focusing on school. Education is my priority and anything that can jeopardize me furthering my education is out of question. I try not to overload my schedule, because I want to have time for internships while getting my degree. I went to a career fair and ended up getting an internship working with GM over the summer. It is extremely important for me to get practice, to get out in the world and gain experience in the industry I will be going into.

Throughout the semester, there are always events going that provide breaks from school. When you’re really feeling stressed, it is not always easy to find something to help take your mind off of things. Yet MSU does a good job promoting mental health. They provide resources for self-care and wellness. Something like mental health in my culture is never touched upon, therefore, the support system MSU has for self-care and wellness have a positive impact.

College was something I always knew I was going to do. Deciding to get my degree was a decision based on need and on my family’s financial status. My parents have always worked in the fields and did not get the opportunity to go to college. For us, going to college was a way to break the never-ending cycle of working in the fields. With education comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes power, and as my father has always said, “No one can ever take that away from you!”

College includes life lessons that help you grow intellectually, mentally, and even emotionally. Being away from my family is one of the most difficult challenges I have faced and continue to face, but for some of us College is more a need than a want.

(Dayana, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University)



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