Students of MI: Alyssa

“I made a last-minute decision to attend college and Lake Superior State University made the application easy and affordable with no application fee. The student-teacher ratio at Lake State is smaller, so I get more one-on-one time and a great, personalized academic experience.

My major is conservation biology and I want to work with animals, specifically endangered species. I was always the girl who was catching animals and then letting them go. Working with the professors and staff here in the freshman seminar biology program has helped me get my foot in the door for my career.

I am also a part of the conservation society. We coordinated an event where we went and removed invasive species from the Laker Woods area we have here. That was a meaningful, hands-on experience that you can’t get in the classroom.

My sister is only 13, but she’s already really interested in going to college. I told her how great the classes are at Lake State, and all the friends I’ve made. If you really want to go to college and pursue a degree, then you should do that, and know the cost is an investment in yourself.”

(Alyssa, Conservation Biology, Lake Superior State University)



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