Students of MI: Kai

“When I was in high school, I had dreams of having an engineering or math oriented career, but through my time at Eastern Michigan University I learned that you don’t need to come in knowing what you want to do. You’re going to take so many classes that open you up to different career paths. One day you’ll find something you didn’t even know you were interested in, and everything will just fall into place.

I found out that education pushes you so much further in society today, and having access to all of this knowledge is such a humbling experience. In my four years here, I’ve joined so many programs on campus that have really helped me grow as an individual and as a student.

As a woman of color in a technology degree, I have faced challenges finding my place – especially in classrooms that are male dominated. I found different groups on campus that have helped to guide and support me and really push for my success.

I’m the vice president of women in computer science and I’m able to promote a community where women in technology are welcomed and supported. Additionally, I’m a resident assistant on campus and I help my residents learn and grow in a community that emphasizes diversity.

I just joined the McNair Scholars Program on campus. McNair is a program geared towards first year, marginalized students and it helps prepare them for applying to graduate schools and eventually getting your doctorate. Not only have I received financial support from this program, but I’ve also been given extraordinary experiences.

Last month I flew to Kansas to present my research and eventually one day I will go to graduate school because of this program. One thing everyone should know is that with the support of all of the financial aid resources that are out there, college is possible for anyone who wants to earn a degree. It really opens doors.”

(Kai, Community Technology, Eastern Michigan University)




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