Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University

Located in Kalamazoo, Western Michigan University has established itself as a top learner-centered, discovery-driven, and globally engaged public research institution. By providing leadership in teaching, learning, research, and service, WMU encourages innovation and knowledge. 9 of 10 WMU graduates are employed quickly, working in their field, in jobs they like. 

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Alexis, Entrepreneurship and Global & International Studies
“When you go to a four-year institution like Western Michigan University where there are over 300 clubs, you almost feel pulled to join organizations and get involved on campus. When I got here, these possibilities challenged and pushed me. They gave me a higher level of expectation for myself that I didn’t initially have.”

Hannah, Behavioral Science
“Coming into college, I felt like I was going to have to figure everything out on my own. But at Western Michigan University, that wasn’t the case. The professors here are awesome, and they helped me a lot. Western does a good job of making sure students are successful and understand what they are being taught.” 

JustOne, Paper Engineering
“What surprised me the most upon coming to Western was how different it was compared to my expectations. I thought college would be more of a place where it’s harder to establish certain connections, specifically with your professors. But at Western Michigan University, I found it really easy to form those bonds not just with professors but advisors, too, and they’ve been extremely helpful.”

Sam, Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing 
“These days, I feel like a lot of people are really focused on technology and social media. Western is all about getting the whole college experience, and getting involved is really encouraged. It’s really cool that people aren’t just glued to their phones and instead go out with their friends, join clubs and experience new things.”



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