University of Michigan-Flint

University of Michigan-Flint

Since it was founded in 1956, the University of Michigan-Flint has continued to build on its vision of engaging minds and preparing leaders through academic excellence, student centeredness, and engaged citizenship. UM-Flint sets students up for success by offering more than 100 undergraduate degree programs, and over 35 master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs. With dedicated faculty and staff leading the way, UM-Flint continuously works on its mission to help its students become the best in their fields and professions.

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D’Angelo, English
“UM-Flint made me grow personally and professionally. Since it’s a smaller school, you have more chances to get involved in the university and in leadership roles. Serving on different committees definitely gave me a professional boost. I feel like I’ve grown socially. In high school, I was very shy, and after coming to college I’m a lot more social than I used to be.”

Josh, Communications
“Living on campus at UM-Flint for my first year, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new people. Even with growing up 15 minutes away from Flint, I thought it was important to get out of the house so I could have that college experience. All the organizations and jobs I’ve been a part of at UM-Flint are really allowing me to stand out as I apply for new positions.”

Neal, Biology
“I expected college to be very formal, but instead professors teach their classes how they want to, and it creates a welcoming space. When I came to University of Michigan-Flint, I knew the school really wanted to help me. Part of what drew me to UM-Flint was the undergraduate research opportunity program, which gives students a chance to do research early.”

Tiffany, Human Biology
“I love Greek life here at the University of Michigan-Flint. It was my home away from home my first couple years, and I was able to see familiar faces everywhere I went. Getting involved on campus definitely taught me to put myself out there and gain confidence, and it has helped with the challenge of being away from home. The smaller class sizes also helped me feel comfortable during my transition here.”



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