Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University’s mission is to educate students to shape their lives, their societies and their professions. Established in 1960, Grand Valley has several campuses located in West Michigan, including in Allendale, downtown Grand Rapids and Holland. Grand Valley offers more than 130 degrees and more than 4,000 study abroad programs to its 24,000+ students. Grand Valley students find success after college, with 95 percent of its graduates currently employed or pursuing advanced degrees.

Financial Aid

Alan, Advertising and Public Relations
“When making my college decision, I was looking more at the study abroad aspect. I figured college was the right time to do it. Grand Valley State has amazing opportunities for students interested in studying abroad, along with scholarships pertaining specifically to study abroad. There are so many opportunities at Grand Valley for students to do anything and everything.”

Ariana, International Business
“I didn’t know what I wanted to study in college. I would receive packets from Grand Valley State about a ton of different majors, and that’s how I found my current major, which I didn’t know existed. But I knew Grand Valley was a good school and it had a strong international business program, so I decided to come here.”

Dellen, Human Resources
“It’s important to diversify yourself and do things that set you apart from your peers. Along with getting a bachelor’s degree, going to college gives you more opportunities to volunteer or join clubs, which can help you stand out from the pack. Grand Valley State does a great job of promoting extracurricular activities for students to grow.” 

Gabrielle, Special Education
“It was my dream to attend Grand Valley State. I just love the campus here – it’s beautiful, and the people make you feel welcomed. Since I’ve been at Grand Valley, I have had a really good experience, and I’m happy with my decision to come here. There are so many people whoare on your side and who want to help you.” 

Juan, Engineering
“Grand Valley State recently launched a program for incomingfreshmen that provided more accessibility to additional writing tutors. This has been a huge help. And it’s just one of the many resources that are provided to students to help them succeed. I’ve even considered going to therapy, which is provided by the school. I appreciate that Grand Valley values students’ wellbeing by providing these resources and other opportunities like clubs or organizations.”

Kelly, Political Science
“There are so many reasons why I’m glad I chose Grand Valley State University. The opportunity to be a resident assistant (RA) has been a big part of my college experience. My classes are downtown and I enjoy the downtown campus. I can take the bus every day, which is free to students. Through interviews and networking at Grand Valley, my confidence has really grown.”

Rachael, Photography
“My parents encouraged me to tour Grand Valley State, and when I came, I immediately fell in love with the campus and the people on it. I saw how kind everyone was, and everyone seemed so happy to be here, which made me fall in love with the school even more. There has never been a moment where I felt I didn’t belong at GVSU.”

Sophie, English & Secondary Education
“My biggest misperception was judging Grand Valley State because it’s one of the smaller state universities. I realized after coming here that people go out of their way to say hi to me and my professors remember me long after my classes are over. And from an academic standpoint, I think the professors here at Grand Valley have helped reinforce the idea in my mind that I’m doing the right thing.”

Valerie, Photography
“As someone interested in studying photography, a lot of my college options were private art schools, but I chose to attend Grand Valley State because of the social experiences that come with attending a public university. Grand Valley is one of the few public universities in Michigan that has a really good photography program, so I get more of the university and social experience. Grand Valley also has great access to scholarships.” 



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