Ferris State University

Ferris State University

Using its core values: Collaboration, Diversity, Ethical Community, Excellence, Learning and Opportunity, Ferris State University puts students on the track toward success. Ferris offers more than 180 educational programs to students on its main campus in Big Rapids, and its many off-site locations spread across Michigan. Ferris’ mission is to prepare students for successful careers, responsible citizenship and lifelong learning.  

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Anzhane, Actuarial Science
“What surprised me the most is the support you get in college. When people explain college, they say you’re on your own and you’ll have to figure everything out on your own. But when I actually came to Ferris, there were so many resources for everything that you can possibly need: there’s tutoring, there’s writing and career counseling. It was kind of surprising that you’re not on your own. There are people here who support you, who will believe in you and want to create opportunities for you.”

Cassie, Social Work
“One thing that I really like about Ferris is that they start your internships early. So, I just finished mine this past summer and I was a sophomore going to be a junior at the time. They put you out in the field sooner than some colleges do because you don’t want to graduate, get your bachelors and then go out in the field to discover, oh I don’t like this. Ferris puts you out in the field and you gain those experiences so you can see whether you like your major or not.”


Conner, Sports Communication
“I came in undecided my credit my first semester of freshman year at Ferris. I took some time to look at the programs, talked to a bunch of different advisors, and completed some job shadows. The whole process is a little scary, but I stumbled upon the sports communication program and it was the perfect fit. 
In my major I now work for the athletic program on campus. I’m the head intern for all the men’s Varsity sports and women’s sports as well. I’m at every football game. I get to broadcast the hockey games and the basketball gamed: men and women. I’m traveling to the women’s soccer game tonight. I’m really highly involved.”


Jacob, Architecture Program-Facility Management
“I started researching different institutions, and Ferris was one that was close to home, so I felt comfortable in attending. As I toured the campus and met with professors, it just felt more like home, and the professors here really care about your well-being and want you to succeed. So, Ferris was the easy choice after that.”


Janice, Pharmacy
“It was kind of a culture shock at Ferris, because Wyoming has 80,000 people. Meanwhile over here, there’s about 10,000. It was definitely a big adjustment for me to go from a really big town to a smaller town. I adjusted to it within a year because of my involvement on campus and the amount of friends that I’ve made. Without that I don’t think I would have adjusted as well as I have. In my undergrad years I was involved with Pre-farm D club, the Asian student organization. I’m in a professional pharmacist sorority, Lamda Kappa Sigma, and the hazing prevention committee for Greek life. I was in the honors program, I’m an American Pharmacist Association and in the Student Michigan Pharmacists Association and American Society of Health Pharmacists.”

Jenna, Applied Speech Communication
“I’m actually a transfer student, and I realized I wanted something that was a little more rural. I liked the suburbs, but I wanted something a little bit more out there. I didn’t want a campus that was too big where you feel like just a number of students. The population at Ferris is kind of right in that sweet spot. So it was really a happy medium and I was really happy to find a school where I just was like, this is my spot.”


Makenna, Architectural Technology
“A lot of things made me choose Ferris. I think that my favorite thing about Ferris is it’s smaller, like a community—almost like a mini town. So, you’ll see people that you’ve seen before. It’s not like bigger universities where you never see people, and I feel like the teachers actually care about you a lot here. They live, they work and they push you to make sure that you’re doing the best that you can. One of my teachers pushed me to go out and use the resources here. It’s nice to have somebody there that’s kind of like a friend as opposed to just somebody who teaches, and you never talk to them again.”


Tyrell, Applied Speech Communication
“I would say don’t be afraid to go to college because if you do the work and put the time in, you’ll be completely fine. Make those connections, talk to professors. Professors really are there to help you, and at the end of the day, that’s what they’re paid to do. They really like to see people strive and succeed. What really surprised me coming here was the amount of opportunities I’ve had within college, the amount of possibilities throughout the world when you’re done with college and also how much you can achieve within yourself while you’re at college. It’s striking.”



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