Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University

Founded in 1849, Eastern Michigan University has been named a “Best in the Midwest” university by the Princeton Review for 17 consecutive years. Eastern offers more than 200 majors and minors across five colleges to its 18,000+ students. With more than 1,000 dedicated faculty leading the way, EMU ensures its students learn in and beyond the classroom to impact local and global communities.

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Amani, Social Work
“Being able to discuss issues that are happening in the world today with a group of people at EMU who either share your point of view or have different points of view is a rewarding experience. Being able to have those discussions, you discover that there are students in your classes who have similar experiences and you’re not the only one who’s struggling or has a certain passion. It’s really rewarding to find people who you share common interests with.”

Rebecca, Elementary Education
“Eastern has given me the opportunity to work with different types of people and immerse myself in other people’s perspectives. Being a Resident Assistant at Eastern Michigan University has changed my views and opinions on some topics. I get to see how other people grew up and how they live, and it’s really cool to have that knowledge and apply it to my future as a teacher because my classrooms are going to be diverse.”

Kai, Communication Technology
“Here at Eastern you’re exposed to so much knowledge and it’s incredible to see where that takes you. My degree is a Bachelor of Science in communication technology with concentrations in computer programming and graphic applications. It’s a mouthful, but I get exposed to different aspects of technology, whether that be the music industry and entertainment to coding a program.”

Joe, Political Science
“When I first got here, I was one of those students who didn’t really engage with their professors. But I then realized the only way for me to succeed is to engage with them. So, I’ve met with three of my professors and department heads in one semester and it really helped me. If you need help with something, you can always seek out the professors here at Eastern. They’re always available, no matter what, and I really appreciate that.”

Candice, Political Science
“A lot of really great people work and teach at Eastern. Faculty come here and stay for a long time because they love the university so much. It’s really rewarding to see people who care about the school and who keep improving the institution over time. It’s uplifting that they care, and you know that they’re the real deal.”

David, Cybersecurity
“Without Eastern Michigan University I don’t think I would’ve gotten the same interviews, internship opportunities or connections. I met a recruiter from Quicken Loans at EMU, and she put me on the path toward getting my internship at Quicken Loans. It’s been really powerful being able to go to school here.”

Kierna, Hotel and Restaurant Management
“The most surprising thing about coming to Eastern Michigan University was the amount of opportunities and people available to help make sure you succeed. If you’re willing to do the footwork, everything is in place for you to succeed here. There are countless resources on campus and support networks that are available to ensure that you do graduate. I definitely didn’t expect that because I thought I’d be thrown to the wolves and figure it out myself. I would say the resources and ability to get involved are the best parts of EMU.”



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