Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

Located in Mount Pleasant, Central Michigan University offers more than 200 undergraduate degree programs ranging from science and technology, to business and communications, and health professions and engineering. Central has the nation’s most comprehensive leadership development training program and, with more than 16,000 students on its Mount Pleasant campus and more than 8,000 enrolled online, is truly educating the leaders of tomorrow. 

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Hannah, Health Administration
“I would come to Central Michigan University often to visit my sister, and there was always something about this school that made me feel like I was supposed to be here. I didn’t even go on an official tour at CMU, but I would often visit different buildings on campus. I got to see what the students were doing, and it drew me to CMU even more. When I came in as a freshman, I was scared and didn’t like speaking in front of people. The jobs I’ve had here pushed me into positions that involved public speaking, and it has really helped me become a more confident presenter, a better person and a better professional.”


Lateef, Biomedical Sciences
“Central Michigan University has a lot of opportunities for what I’m interested in, including undergraduate research. It felt right for me to come to Central because I knew a lot about the undergraduate research opportunities that are available. They also provide financial aid to people who think they can’t afford college. Central makes it very easy for you to come up with a financial aid package.” 


Myles, Logistics and Marketing
“At Central, there are many things I’ve learned from my experiences that will help me in the next steps of my life. I came here and became a better communicator and a leader. I know I’ll look back on my time at CMU and say, if I hadn’t gone to Central, I wouldn’t have the skills that put me where I am today.” 


Samantha, Biology
“When I arrived, I found that one of the best parts about CMU was the community and the openness of the people here. The faculty has been awesome, and everybody is always willing to help. Everyone at orientation was really open and welcoming, which assured me I had made the right decision. I really liked my roommates, and that made my freshman year really enjoyable.”


Sparkalena, Dietetics
“Central Michigan University accepted all my credits, allowing me to fast track my education with no debt. I love CMU. It feels more like a community than a “big university.” My hometown is a small city and I could go to my neighbors for anything, so I wanted a university that felt inviting like that.”


Victoria, Integrative Public Relations
“I knew from the moment I arrived at Central Michigan University that I wanted to be here. Most of my family worked in fast food or maid services, and it was sometimes hard to get by growing up in a school system that didn’t always support my goals and ambitions. No matter how many people doubted me before, CMU gave me the chance to believe in myself and to have the future I choose.”



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