Making “Undeclared” Part of Your College Story

Many students on their first days of college will meet a lot of new faces. From roommates to classmates, one of the first topics of conversation will be about your major.

Not all students will have their majors figured out on orientation day. Around 33% of students change their major during college, and the author of this blog changed his major five times. For incoming freshmen worried about what major to declare before you start, know that it is okay to be undeclared.

Your first two years of college will be a wild ride—a diverse course set includes general biology, math, science, theatre, and more. During this time, you might find what your interests are and from there plan your focus for the upcoming years. Meeting with academic advisors is a helpful step for students who are undeclared, because their knowledge can help you filter your major to a general field, like business or healthcare. Whether you’ve chosen your major yet or not, your advisors will help ensure you are on track for graduation.

College can be a blank canvas. The vast social and academic experiences you will have can shape your aspirations for the rest of your life. Coming in as an undeclared freshman should not be feared or stop you from attending a 4-year university. You will gain knowledge, and as you choose your career path, specific skills to prepare you for a successful life.

(Dave, Saginaw Valley State University)



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